Our Boys

Our Boys
Gavin with his brothers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RA Educational Program

Tonight was the rheumatoid arthritis educational program. It was very informational (what I got to see of it). Gavin was having a hard time because it was very cold in there and the cold air makes him have, asthma like, cough attacks. But, I got to bring some info home and it is ALL about Actemra!!! YAY!!! This is the drug that Gavin will be starting in Dec/Jan. It will take place of his Remicade infusions. I am so glad that I went...even though I couldn't stay.

Gavin is feeling much better! I always have my car a/c set to 80 or higher (yes, even when it's hot outside) because I freeze if its any lower (my husband hates it). So, once he warmed up in the car he was feeling better.

I am so ready for him to feel better! I hate it when he has these attacks! He hates it even more. They were so bad tonight that he was about to be sick and couldn't catch his breath. I am glad we are going to get his infusion tomorrow! Although....he was supposed to get his solu-medrol, remicade & IVIG, but now can only get his IVIG because of the sinus infection & bronchitis. I am worried that he will start flaring because he is going to miss his remicade & solu....but, if this is what is best for him then it's what we will do.

Gavin made me SO PROUD today! As we were pulling up to his school...he told me that he didn't want me to walk him to class anymore because he knows the way now and can do it all by himself! I was speechless at first, I thought he liked me walking him to class, then had a huge smile on my face! He is growing up so fast! Anyways, I asked him if I could walk him to the front of the school and watch him walk to class...he said yes! But, he really wanted me to just drop him off and leave :( So, his little brothers and I walked him to the front and watched him walk to class...ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!! I was SO PROUD! I know it may sound cheesy to some people but he is my oldest so :p He was so proud of himself also! I talked to him about it when I picked him up today and he was grinning from ear to ear! He said he wants to do it everyday! ......Honestly, I think his teacher put him up to it. I don't think she like me coming in the classroom every time ;)

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. It's off to Shand's, bight and early, for us!

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  1. LOL! Teachers have a way of making our kids feel more grown up. We went through that at one point with Zach. It's different when it's our sick kids though, isn't it? I love all of my children equally but differently. We pour so much more into our sick kids. Teachers don't understand unless they've been through it, but maybe this will be just what he needed. Sometimes we hang on too much. Either way, GO GAVIN! :)