Our Boys

Our Boys
Gavin with his brothers

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 days of Dr visits...

Today Gavin had his first appointment with his new eye Dr in Gainesville. He/We likes her a lot. She was very nice, compassionate and understanding about Gavin's medical issues. She is also understanding of our feelings and reservations because of the past issues we have had with other Dr's.

Anyways, Gavin was very good for her and she didn't see any cells in his eyes!!!! This means that his eyes are clear....NO INFLAMMATION!!!!!! This is awesome news! So, we scheduled him for his cataract surgery/EUA!! We are very excited and nervous about this. One thing we made sure was that she would not (under no circumstances) do the surgery if she saw any cells in his eye! She agreed and hopefully she is the Dr...the one...that is meant to do this surgery on Gavin. The surgery is scheduled for 4/4/11. Please keep him in your prayers that everything goes perfectly!!! xxoo

After his appointment we took Gavin to Toys R Us and he picked out a couple toys for being such a good boy at the Dr's.

Right now we are resting in a hotel room. Tyler went back home to take care of the other two boys. Gavin and I are planning on seeing a movie tonight "Gnomeo & Juliet" and go out to dinner. Then we have to get lots of sleep for his big infusion day for tomorrow.

Days like tomorrow I dread. It's going to be a long one...Remicade, IVIG & Solumedrol :( I hate putting all of these meds in his body but I understand that (as of right now) it is the only way. At least we will get to see our friends in the infusion room tomorrow. Gavin is going to be so happy when he sees Jake in the infusion room :) I haven't told him that he will be there yet... ;)

I will update you all tomorrow to let you know what his rheumy says and how his infusion goes :)

Thanks for all of the prayers and kind words :)



  1. I hope infusion day goes well and time passes quickly.

  2. What a big accomplishment to find a new eye md and one that you all like. And to top it off--- Healthy eyes!!!! Please know Gavin is my prayers-- and the closer we get to surgery date kids will be praying for their friend, too!!

    See you tomorrow. Not the same as a "playdate"-- but closest thing to a playdate in the infusion room!!