Our Boys

Our Boys
Gavin with his brothers

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The BIG day is approaching...

Gavin's cataract surgery is still on schedule for next week! Please keep him in your prayers that he is healthy enough to have the surgery!!! These past 2 months have been rough...we are ready for the surgery to happen so he can heal and see better (so does he)! It sucks that his surgery is a few days before Christmas :( But, we are kinda lucky that the kids are still young enough to not realize what day Christmas actually is ;) That is why we are going to celebrate this weekend (also, the surgery is going to make him temporarily blind for about 2 + weeks)!

This Firday (the 17th) will be our Christmas Eve and we will leave cookies and milk out for Santa along with a note that Gavin will write for him. We will also leave an apple out for his raindeer (gotta take care of santas raindeer...). Saturday morning the boys will wake up to filled stockings, lots of presents under the Christms Tree, cookie crumbs on Santa's plate along with an empty class of milk and a missing apple. Hopefully Santa will read Gavin's letter and write him back :) The boys will also have a big surprise wating for them in their playroom.....no, I can't tell you what it is yet because it's a surprise :) Santa might even track in some snow from the North Pole.

That evening the whole family will be coming over and we will have a fun Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. The only one missing will be my brother Billy :( He will still be in Hawaii with the Army :(

I really want to make this Christmas special for Gavin! Seeing that he is only 5 and this is probably going to be the first Christmas that he will remember!

So, right now I have to leave to pick him up from school, but, please remember to keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this time...

Thank you and may you all have a wonderful holiday season and amazing New Year!!!

The Smith's


  1. That's our little guy inspiring us one day at a time!

  2. I can't see through my tears to write. We are all praying for your family that all goes well this time and Gavin's surgery will be successful.
    ps, what was the big surprise foe Christmas??
    all the Carmine's

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with JRA the week before Thanksgiving. I’ve slowly been reading the blogs that I have been able to find and I got the chance to read some of Gavin’s today. I hope Gavin’s surgery went well! This is all so new and unknown for us, which I’m sure you can understand and I have no idea what the future holds. Bevin has been on Naproxen for over 3 weeks (an OTC anti-inflammatory for over 2 weeks prior to the Naproxen) and it hasn’t made a difference, we see the Rheumatologist for a follow in mid-Jan to see where we go from here. Her eye exam came back fine thou. She has Poly, currently both hips, both knees and her left ankle are affected…it looks like her fingers may also be affected now. She’s only 1 so she can’t really tell us one way or the other. It’s nice to be able to find all these other people out there.

    My thoughts are with Gavin and your family! I will keep my eye out for a post with a surgery update!


    We recently started a blog for my daughter if you would like to read more about her story: