Our Boys

Our Boys
Gavin with his brothers

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surgery cancellation #4

Well, as most of you know...Gavin had his pre-op on Friday the 25th. They tested his eye pressure and his left eye tested at 54! This is way too high! The normal range for eye pressure is 10-20. So, this means that his eye is not well enough for cataract surgery :( This also means we need to worry about Glaucoma. UGH...just what he needs. His eye drops have changed...they added some and stopped some. His oral meds will most likely change...just waiting on his rheumy to decide what to do there. My guess is that she will want us to back off on his steroids. He is on the steroids for his JA (Juvenile Arthritis) and UC (Ulcerative Colitis) but there are always side effects and cataracts and glaucoma are some of those side effects. He is still getting an EUA (Exam Under Anesthesia) on the 4th and she has asked a Glaucoma Specialist to do the exam with her so he can help prevent Gavin's eyes from getting any worse. Don't know when the cataract surgery will be but she has asked a Retina Specialist to assist her with the surgery because of the way it needs to be done. I will keep you updated on how his EUA goes and what his rheumy decides on what to do with his meds. Thank you all for the prayers and kind words! xxooxxoo

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