Our Boys

Our Boys
Gavin with his brothers

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just little update...

Gavin has had a great week! He went to school and did awesome! He was nervous about going back to school because he had missed almost a whole month (Christmas vacation and being in the hospital). He was also worried about having an accident :( Because of the ulcerative colitis he has to go to the bathroom right away!

He got another ultrasound done on Friday of his Ureter, kidney & bladder. Hopefully they come back with better results this time. He cried the whole time he was getting his ultrasound done. He was scared that it was going to hurt him. I kept telling him that he will be fine and I will be there with him the whole time. When we left and got in the car he said, "You were right mom, that didn't hurt at all." So I asked he why he was crying if it didn't hurt? He said, "Well, it hurt a little." Hahaha...he is such a trip!

Last night we took the boys to the local Motocross. The kids loved it...especially Gavin. He wants to do it and he is old enough now but we don't think it would be a good idea for him. We don't want to hold him back from what he wants to do. We don't want his Arthritis top run his life, but we don't want him to get hurt (because it takes longer or him to recover) and riding motocross is hard on the joints...........UGH, decisions! We will see how he does on the little motorcycle that have.

After that we went out to dinner. Sitting behind us were 3 college girls. Brigham (our 2 yr old) was a trip and kept flirting with them. When Gavin introduced himself to them he told them that he was in the hospital. I have never heard him tell anyone this before. I was very interested to hear their conversation and his version on why he was in the hospital. When the girls asked him why...all he said was that he had to get some shots and it hurt :(

Monday is Gavin's follow up with his G.I. doctor where we will hopefully have the results from his ultrasound and then we go to the infusion room for his infusions...remicade, solumedrol & IVIG. It will be a long day.

Thanks again for all of the prayers and thoughts! They are working!!! He is doing great and recovering much quicker then we were told he would.


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