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Our Boys
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Too many medications for such a little guy :(

This is just to show you what my little Angel takes and had to take for his arthritis, uveitis and ulcerative colitis. The bold print medications are the ones he is currently taking...

*From Day 1 (oral, injection & infusion)...
Naproxen (January 2007~January 2011) stopped
Prednisolone (January 2007~present)
Tylenol with Codeine (January 2007~January 2009) as needed
Methotrexate~injection (July 2007~present)
Enbrel~injection (2007) failed
Humeria~injection (2008) failed
Remicade~infusion (2008) stopped
Solumedrol~infusion (2008) stopped
Zantac (April 2009~January 2011) stopped
Humeria (April 2009) failed again
Remicade~infusion (June 2009~present)
Solumedrol~infusion (April 2009~present)
Rituxan~infusion (November 2009~November 2010)
IVIG~infusion (May 2010~present)
Iron (2010~present)
Vit D3 (2010~present)
Calcium Carbonate (2010-present)
Multi-Vitamin (birth~present)
Tocilizumab~infusion (December 2010~present)
Prilosec (January 2011~present)
Sulfasalazine (January 2011~present)

*Eye drops for Uveitis...
Presnosolone (2007~2010) on and off
Timolol (2007~2010) on and off
Atropine (2007~present)
Durezol (2010~poresent)
Dorzolamide HCI-Timolol (2010~present)

*We also give him liquid Fish Oil and powder form Acidopholis.

*Then there are the numerous antibiotics he has been on (because being on double immune suppresents means he gets sick a lot) and because of that he has become immune to a few of them already :(

We hate that our little Angel has to be on all of these meds but pray that they will continue to help him feel less pain and suffering that comes along with Juvenile Arthritis, Uveitis and Ulcerative Colitis.

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